Pumice Stone

October 1, 2017

Wellness and holistic are two of my favorite topics so I like to read as much material I can get my hands on. While reading about ways to remove body hair naturally for my younger daughter, I discovered an article on the pumice stone. Upon further research, I found a sustainable source; willing to try I ordered my first pumice stone. 

The pumice stone is a volcanic rock, generally pale in color, naturally porous, and floats in water. There are multiple uses of this natural stone, but this is primarily on the removal of hair and dead skin.

The Method:
  1. Dead Skin Removal: Soak the calloused feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes; you can add a little soap in the water. Soaking makes the skin soft and ready for Pumice Stone. Wet the stone and start rubbing in circular motion on the calloused skin, you will feel the dead skin coming off. Continue the motion along your whole feet. When you discover that the stone has no friction, that is the time to turn it over for a fresh surface. Use Pumice stone in moderation – once or twice a week if you really have a callused skin Gradually use Pumice as needed. Once you are done wash off your feet, dry them and generously oil your feet.
  2. Hair Removal: Soak the Pumice Stone in warm water, lather skin with your usual soap. Rub the Pumice Stone in circular motion. Don’t press hard; light pressure is fine. Rub for 1-2 minutes; you will see the hair coming off. Do one small area at a time before moving to the next area. I would recommend doing lower leg as the skin is more forgiving. Slowly when you get the hang of it move to other areas. Rinse off with water once you’re done, pat dry and apply cream or oil. I personally prefer coconut or sesame oil.

I don’t recommend using the Pumice Stone for hair removal until you have become familiar with the usage because it can scratch the skin. You should focus on one area at a time, so you can get used to it. 

Remember to thoroughly rinse the stone after every use to keep it clean and effective.

It has been two years since I last waxed my legs/arms and I use the pumice stone for my two girls as well, ages 11 and 16. It keeps their legs exfoliated too. My heels definitely look 20 years younger.

I promise you will love it! I will gladly teach you as well if you are near the Princeton, NJ area.

The stone I use is hand-picked on isolated beaches of the Yucatan peninsula of Baja, Mexico. It is completely natural, not man-made or manufactured. Most of the pumice stone available in the market are grit glued together. Every natural stone from the Yucatan is different in size, shape and texture. Natural pumice will not clog or wear out. It will last a lifetime.

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